Monday, July 16, 2012

OAF State Management

OAF State Management

In this post we will discuss what happens when OAF page is opened in the browser how the session is maintained etc.

Session Management for an OAF page starts int he following way.

  1. User opens the page by logging into the E-Business Suite.
  2. Session will be created in database at this point and a session cookie will be stored in the browser for the session.
  3. As we are aware that : OAF is purely built in Java, all the executions / transactions will be done inside JVM.
  4. OAF maintains following caches for ex :
    1. Root AM - 
      1. Each OAF page associates with Root AM. It contains the OADB transaction. This OADB transaction responsible for storing the data across EO and VO's. 
      2. Root AM is the first object to be loaded for OAF page to work. It obtains the Database connection and creates the transaction context.
    2. Servlet session : A servlet session is a mechanism for maintaining the state between HTTP requests during a period of continuous interaction between a browser and web application. 
    3. E-Business Suite
      1. User Session  :: ICX Session.
      2. When user logs into OAF page, OAF creates WebApps Context object and browser based session cookie.
      3. This session key is stored in Apps Database to track the user.
    4. Page Context
      1. Whenever the page is requested, OAF creates OAPage Context.
    5. Request
    6. All OAF pages run through OA.jsp --This JSP also has its own caches but its out of scope of our OAF.

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