Monday, July 29, 2013

Comparing Different Frameworks/Architectures.

For learning any java framework : if we understand the layers carefully it becomes easier for the developer to visualize and implement the application easily.

let me give you some info the different frameworks which iam aware.

AM --> Application Module
PG --> Page File
CO --> Controller File (java)
EO --> Entity Object
VO --> View Object
OAF --> Oracle Application Framework
ADF--> Application Development Framework
JSF--> Java Server Faces
Framework Technology Used IDE/Editor Used MVC ? Layers -Navigation From FrontEnd to BackEnd
OAF Java,XML Jdeveloper9i,Jdeveloper10i Yes Full MVC OAFPG-->CO-->AM-->VO(EO)-->DB
ADF JSF,XML Jdeveloper9i,Jdeveloper10i,Jdeveloper11i, Jdeveloper12c Yes Full MVC ADF(JSFPG)-->CO-->AM-->VO(EO)-->DB(Services{ex:SOA services)
Java Struts Java Eclipse, RAD(IBM) Not Full MVC JSPPG-->Action&Form-->Services-->DAO-->DB
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