Monday, February 23, 2015

Invoking Workflow From OAF Page

Use the below method in the processFormRequest , on based on the button event.

              String PItemType = "XXHRWF";
            String PProcess = "XXPROC";
            oracle.jbo.domain.Number pitekKeyNo =

            String PItemKey = pitekKeyNo.toString(); // This can be a random item key generated

            OANavigation wf = new OANavigation();

            // Now create Workflow Process
            wf.createProcess(pageContext, PItemType, PProcess, PItemKey);

            // Set Sales Order Number
            wf.setItemAttrText(pageContext, PItemType, PItemKey,"XXATTRIB", "OPERATIONS");

            // Start Workflow Process
            wf.startProcess(pageContext, PItemType, PProcess, PItemKey);
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