Friday, September 30, 2016

OAF- Query to list all personalizations

Following query can be used to list all the personalizations of OAF using MDS Repository.

**But the problem with the below one, we cant be sure personalizations which are done by the business and as well as personalizations (vanilla) which are provided by oracle

*CREATED_BY column does not have any info any significance to validate if it is provided by oracle or done by business.

*business means : customization's done by developer for custom requirements.

jp.path_name, jp.path_docid
, jdr_mds_internal.getdocumentname(jp.path_docid) page_path
from jdr_paths jp where 1=1
AND jp.path_type='DOCUMENT'
AND jdr_mds_internal.getdocumentname(jp.path_docid)  like '/oracle/apps/%custo%'

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