Thursday, August 30, 2012

List of Important Websites Regarding : Oracle Apps, OAF, FMW

List of Important Websites Regarding : Oracle Apps, OAF, ADF

Oracle Applications Integration Repository :

Search engine for the official Oracle documentation.

Oracle Applications R12 Documentation :

Oracle Apps ETRM :

For Oracle WebCenter :

Oracle ADF Mobile Demo :

One of the good ADF Book :

Oracle ADF Real World Developer’s Guide : 

List of Websites Developed in ADF 
  7. Oracle ADF Public Websites :
  8. Bengaluru International Airport 
  10. SOA For HealthCare
  11. which uses fat wire and webcenter portal along with ucm and SOA/BPM

ADF  Code Samples

  1. 1.
  2. ADF Login Sample @
  3. ADF sessions @ OOW 2012 :
  4. ADF EMG Samples @

ADF EMG Samples

Learning any language through samples is easy. You can find the lot of samples and the same can be downloaded using SVN. kudos to the ADF EMG Team for providing the samples.

SVN Repository : 

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