Saturday, October 13, 2012

CRUD operations on two tables

In this Post, we will discuss one of the general requirements of performing CRUD operations on two tables.
OAF page based on two update-able VO's using EO's

Consider the below scenario.

  1. Master Data is stored in : XXTMG_STRUCTURES
    1. STRUCT_ID is Primary Key
  2. Child Data is stored in : XXTMG_STRUCT_ATTRIBUTES
    1. ALLOC_ATTRIBUTE_ID is Primary Key
    2. STRUCT_ID is foreign Key
  3. XXTMG_STRUCTURES is having ONE to ONE relation ship between XXTMG_STRUCT_ATTRIBUTES
  4. Having VO based on SINGLE EO is quite simple and easy
  5. Having VO based on TWO EO objects is not  straight forward, for achieving this we need to customize the default generated methods.
  6. Following this link to achieve the above requirement :

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